It’s been too long

It has been well over a year since I have posted anything about my grandfather.  It will be one year in November since I did any work on him. The only reason I can give is that I have been trying to get my own life in order. While the jury is still out on how that is coming along, it has made me try to put myself in my grandfather’s shoes. The times that we each lived in were so different, and despite the technological advances I get to live with today, I envy his time and his path in life.  I don’t envy the war he witnessed, the war he fought, and the men he had to watch die. I envy that when he made his choice, of what he wanted to do and be, he did it. He wanted adventure. He wanted to try something new, something the people of Nebraska would never think of doing. And through that choice he lived an extraordinary life. The kind of life I grew up hearing about, in awe of the places he had visited and lived and the people he met. It was the sort of adventure I always wanted in life. But, as I said, the times in which we live/d are very different.  For as many adventures as he had, I always seem to be stuck behind a computer, trying to figure out where to go next, and trying to find where I belong.  I turn 30 next March, and as much as my parents tell me not to, I can’t help but compare my life to where my grandfathers’ was at 30.

I have taken information on my grandfather, including personal items from before, during, and after the war, within the last year, but I have been too busy with what I have explained above to get around to posting it. If I don’t get to it before the end of the year, it will be my New Years’ Resolution for 2018. I hope to see you before then.