This site will be used in conjunction with the Omeka page on Col. Joseph Laughlin, documenting my experiences with searching primary sources, creating videos from interviews, and working under time constraints, to name a few things.  I’m hoping to provide insight into this process for other first timers like myself, to help them learn from my mistakes and improve on my successes through their own personal projects, whatever they may be.

As a graduate project, this will be limited in scope. For now, it will focus on Col. Laughlin’s WWII record with the Army Air Corps. I hope to work on this for several years to come, making additions and re-evaluating information is it becomes known, as all historians should. I also hope to make this information available to the public through the Omeka online exhibit, as all archivists should. I hope to do well, not only for myself and my grandfather, but for the other servicemen and women in the Army Air Corps in WWII. Their stories will be forever intertwined.

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